Fred Quin


Athletic Association Professor of Infectious Diseases and Department Head at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, Athens, Georgia, USA. Dr. Quinn received his PhD in Microbiology and Biochemistry from Indiana University, Bloomington and completed postdoctoral fellowships at Stanford University.

Subsequently, Dr. Quinn oversaw several laboratory emerging bacterial diseases groups at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta investigating disease outbreaks including Brazilian Purpuric Fever, Cat Scratch Disease, meningococcal meningitis, Buruli ulcer, and ultimately tuberculosis. Prior to accepting his current position, Dr. Quinn completed a Full bright Fellowship studying Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis at the University of Bristol in Great Britain.

His current research focuses on understanding the pathogenesis and transmission of M. tuberculosis and M. bovis, with the ultimate goal of developing improved vaccines and diagnostic tests for human and animal tuberculosis. Collaborative activities include tuberculosis vaccine animal efficacy testing, ferret, badger and ultimately cow and non-human primate model development for tuberculosis transmission and carriage, respiratory viral co-infection, and tuberculosis social networking and zoonotic transmission studies in Morocco, Uganda, and the Republic of Georgia.