We are a business-to-business ideation and consulting company based on the science of public health. Being scientists in the business of innovation and disease prevention, we foster business-to-business consultations to prevent diseases and to form partnerships to improve on or develop new market verticals for our clients' existing intellectual property.

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Our Partners and Clients

Consulting Services

We provide the latest public health and laboratory science-based advisory services to some of the largest companies in the United States that develop and market products and services for the energy, healthcare, industrial, hospitality, and food service sectors.


Public Health Innovations has consulted with Ecolab for many years and partnered on programs focused on our mutual goal of advancing food safety and public health best practices.  Hal and PHI have provided exceptional thought leadership, subject matter expertise and guidance.  We look forward to continuing to collaborate with PHI on our work to help prevent foodborne illness and protect public health.

- Bob Sherwood -

Executive Vice President @ ECOLAB


and improving the industry every day.

Along with providing scientific credibility and consultation, we also foster innovations in the public health sector through partnerships and our very own ideation. We're creating state-of-the-art, brand new developments to help the industry improve in every way.


Sani Professional has collaborated and continues to engage with Hal and PHI in advancing food safety through thoughtful, customer-focused solutions. They are very professional, engaged and a pleasure to work with.

- Esperanza Carrion -

VP & General Manger @ Sani Professional/PDI

Public Health Communications

Communication is the core of effective public health and we are pioneering ways to grow connections daily and fostering great communication around ideation and innovation.



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Digital Media

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Public Health News

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PHI has been an incredible and indispensable partner. They’ve helped Population evaluate, define, and enter a new market category, and have brought rigor and enthusiasm to all aspects of our collaboration. We are huge fans, and recommend PHI without reserve!

- Megan Groves-

CEO & Founder @ Population

Active Food Safety

We partnered with several of the best food safety leaders in the industry to create a new advisory services and products company called Active Food Safety where we help the food industry with the latest in Enterprise Mastery™ of food safety risk from farm to fork to protect their customers while growing their business.

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Food Safety

is a public health issue.

At Active Food Safety, we provide professional expert consultants who have led food safety management programs in the largest and most successful food businesses in the United States. Together our partners have over 60+ years of food safety leadership experience helping the food industry ensure food safety.

GOJO Industries has enjoyed collaborating with Hal King and Public Health Innovations on various initiatives and programs around food safety to advance public health and help reduce the risk of foodborne illness.  We continue to utilize PHI’s consulting services and are honored to have Hal as a member of GOJO’s Food Safety Advisory Board as he brings a tremendous amount of passion, expertise and desire to improve food safety.

- Diane Collins -

Senior Market Development Director @ GOJO (Purell) Industries

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We invest in people by emphasizing public health safe guards, keeping you and your customers safe while you focus on growing your business. We will help you keep it safe and ensure the best public health value.

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