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We provide the latest public health and laboratory science-based advisory services to some of the largest companies in the United States that develop and market products and services for the energy, healthcare, industrial, hospitality, and food service sectors.  Public Health Innovations facilitates ideas into innovations that provide effective public health intervention strategies (products and services) to enhance a business’s brand improvement and financial outcomes.  We also work with your business across the business functions to develop your intellectual property into new products and services and into new sectors to improve the public health and your financial outcomes.

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We provide public health tools and systems to keep you up and running.

Public health is a science that determines the cause and degree of illness or injury in people, and then works to develop methods (called interventions) to prevent or reduce them. Normally, priority is placed on the illnesses and injuries that effect the most people. One example of a public health product that has a long history of successful intervention is the vaccine (preventing millions of avoidable illnesses and death from infectious diseases). Because government nor academic institutions normally manufacture products necessary to implement the intervention, industry plays a significant role to achieve the end results of public health.

Many public health issues, for example, foodborne illnesses, healthcare associated infections (HAI's), and school absenteeism due to illness and injury account for a significant burden (cost and lost lives) to the public health. Although many public health professionals in government, academia, and industry work diligently to perform surveillance, research and development, and product manufacturing to improve the public health, more can be done.

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We've spent decades in the lab performing research to understand the root cause of public health issues

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We have over 30 years of experience in the public health sciences through academic excellence, scientific achievement,  business leadership, new intervention strategies and product development and more.

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We can help link the public health risk to the best interventions and products so you can grow your business

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We invest in people by emphasizing public health safe guards, keeping you and your customers safe while you focus on growing your business. We will help you keep it safe and ensure the best public health value.

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DayMark’s Body Fluid Spill Kit

With the potential for illness outbreaks and bodily fluid spill incidents affecting restaurant chains, DayMark Safety Systems, in partnership with Public Health Innovations, has introduced the all-new Safety Applied™ Spill Control Program. The comprehensive program offers a highly effective way for restaurants and other retail food service establishments to protect employees and customers from the harmful norovirus and other diseases.


AFS Food Safety Management Apps

Active Food Safety's mobile apps provide best-in-class Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Food Safety Management Systems based on proven best practices and the FDA Food Code. These apps help to ensure the best food safety protection available whether you have one store or one thousand.


GOJO/Purell’s Norovirus Hot Spot Map

The NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ Program is designed to eliminate the guesswork in the fight against norovirus. The program is based directly on research that included findings from a comprehensive risk assessment study conducted by the FDA to track norovirus transmission on various surfaces throughout dining establishments. It focuses on ways transmission begins in restaurant restrooms and quickly travels to other hot spot surfaces in the kitchen and dining room.


Ionogen’s Wipe Dispensers

Together with PHI, Ionogen has design state-of-the art wipe dispensers to help people more efficiently and cleanly provide sanitation support to their environment.


What are people saying?

"Public Health Innovations has consulted with Ecolab for many years and partnered on programs focused on our mutual goal of advancing food safety and public health best practices.  Hal and PHI have provided exceptional thought leadership, subject matter expertise and guidance.  We look forward to continuing to collaborate with PHI on our work to help prevent foodborne illness and protect public health."

- Bob Sherwood -

Executive Vice President @ ECOLAB

"Hal King and the PHI team truly care about public health and safety. Their expertise in food safety management and innovative approach in the prevention of disease in the foodservice environment are gold standards in the industry. Sani Professional has collaborated and continues to engage with Hal and PHI in advancing food safety through thoughtful, customer-focused solutions. They are very professional, engaged and a pleasure to work with."

- Esperanza Carrion -

VP & General Manger @ Sani Professional

"Dr. King and the team at PHI have provided invaluable help and guidance in a broad range of guidance in the challenging areas associated with regulatory and best practices associated in the food safety and microbiological sciences area.  PHI’s attention to detail, compliance and their monitoring of future trends allows Ionogen to remain a leader in our space.”

- John P. Shanahan -

President/CEO @ Ionogen